Weather or Not!

87580976-Stormy-Seas-300x197As a resident of Melbourne, the weather is always a major topic of conversation. I can hear my interstate friends now: “Not happy with the weather in Melbourne? Just wait 5 minutes!” We’ve also just come out of Cup Week, where the impact of the weather rises to a climactic high…the track; the dresses; the footwear!

It struck me the other day, as we experienced another sequence of see-sawing weather – cold & raining followed by warm & sunny – that many of the people I was talking to were finding that their moods were swinging up and down with the weather. Sunny day – happy mood. Cloudy day – gloomy mood.

I can understand this tendency. Of course, it’s easier to feel light-hearted when the sky is blue and the birds are singing than when storm clouds are gathering and a chill wind is blowing through your town! But it’s not just the external weather that is like that! Our inner climate is what determines our mood and we have a choice as to whether we let the weather dampen our spirits.

Now, I’m aware that there is a medical condition called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or SAD (, so I’m not talking about something as serious as that.

As a committed Optimist, I choose to create my own weather pattern…and I choose sunny! When the clouds are gathering, literally in the skies above, or figuratively, in difficult business decisions, tough economic conditions or challenging times in relationships, I consciously monitor my mood and make adjustments accordingly. Sometimes, this requires a major effort – actively changing my circumstances; sometimes just a change of attitude will do the trick.

So, the next time you have dark clouds on your horizon, don’t let the weather dampen your day. Use the elements of Optimism as your umbrella and create a better outcome for yourself and all those around you.

And as Crowded House say “Always Take the Weather with You!

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