Vednesday Vlog – February 16

After a wonderful breakfast with Network Central founder, Kim McGuiness and special guest presenter Geraldine Doogue, I was inspired to create my first #VednesdayVlog.

This was the final breakfast for Network Central with Kim McGuiness at the helm. She has decided to focus on her passion for connecting Mentors with high-potential women (and some men!) with her new project NetworkingMentor.

Future breakfasts will be co-ordinated by Women’s Agenda. The breakfast attendees were introduced to¬†Founding Editor and Associate Publisher,¬†Angela Priestley who is passionate about providing opportunities for connection and communication between enterprising women. This certainly bodes well for future events!

Geraldine Doogue’s presentation was based on her recently launched book “The Climb”, for which she interviewed 14 women in leadership roles, from family and community to corporate and government. It’s a great read!

To my delight, she expressed her optimism for the future of Australia, given the strength of the leaders in her interviews – so very pleased to hear that!

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