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unite-optimistsShared optimism builds momentum. The Optimism Zone co-ordinates regular face-to-face and virtual communities who gather to celebrate success and share ideas to overcome challenges & maximise opportunities – there are events for all levels of interest. Come and join us – special things happen when Optimists Unite!

Optimists Unite! Breakfasts

Gather with like-minded people to celebrate success and share ideas to overcome challenges & maximise opportunities. This is a “no-fee” event – you just pay for your own refreshments (drinks and/or food). Breakfasts were launched in Melbourne, Victoria and generally run on the last Friday of the month. The calendar below lists the schedule for a number of cities and countries and will be updated as new breakfasts are planned. To receive email updates and invitations, please complete the form below the calendar…

Next Breakfast – Melbourne – August 28th, at Hunter Cafe in Gardenvale, starting at 7.15am. 

Details can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/1624168494479127



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Other events, commencing early in 2015, include:

Webinars – online gatherings with a similar format to the face-to-face breakfasts.

Goal-Getting Groups – online and face-to-face – maximise your opportunities with systems, structure and great support!

Business Optimism Booster Workshops – for Small Business owners and Managers in SMEs and large Corporates – learn how to apply the Optimism Principles to maximise your own outcomes and optimise your teams’ effectiveness

Personal Optimism Principle “P.O.P-Up” Retreats – For individuals who want “more everything” – an exploration of how to increase the opportunities for health, happiness, wealth and well-being across all areas of life, with maximum fun coupled with maximum learning!

One-on-one Optimism Coaching – For those who want to access personal support to optimise an opportunity or overcome a challenge or…