Optimists are Brave!

weight-lifting-hamsterBe like this little guy and be brave! Step up to the challenges that are thrown your way. Making a realistic assessment of the situation, then taking an optimistic approach will increase your odds of getting a great outcome icon smile Optimists are Brave!

Bravery is not about doing silly things (like planking on the edge of a balcony icon sad Optimists are Brave! – that’s just stupid!). It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something new…perhaps even something a little scary!

Everything worthwhile is going to be outside your comfort zone – not necessarily a long way, maybe just a little stretch.  The great news is that every time you stretch, you increase the size of your comfort zone, so that more things are accessible to you.

More access = more opportunities & more optimism. More opportunities + more optimism = more outcomes! What “lifting” could you do today to stretch to a new level?

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