End your Financial Year with Optimism!

Duckling-not-there-yet-300x224I’m seeing lots of “EOFY” sale signs around town at the moment, as people get fired-up by the approaching June 30 deadline of the “End of the Financial Year” in my part of the world. It struck me this morning that we could apply the same approach to all of our opportunities and take maximum advantage of the next couple of weeks to make the end of the financial year fabulous!
In the design world, they have a word for an intense period of activity, which most often occurs at the very end of a project – “charette” [shuh-ret}. It comes from the French word for the cart that was used to transport designs from the creatives to the production team. As the cart was wheeled down the aisle between the desks, the call would go out “Charette” as in “Hurry up, here comes the cart, you need to finish!”

Have you ever noticed how much you can get done in a quick blast of activity, especially if you have a real (or even self-imposed) deadline rapidly approaching? It could be that last frantic edit of a presentation before the Management meeting, or the run up to your holiday. There’s something about that intensity of effort that often creates magic!

Applying that attitude, between now and the end of June (only 11 days!), has the potential to boost your output so that opportunities that were slowly building momentum could pop over the line to success. Even if you don’t get it done, you’ll definitely have made more progress!

Add some Optimism and you increase your chances of making the End of your Financial Year, absolutely Fabulous!

(PS. I applied the same principle to the writing of this blog!)

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