Build Foundation!

build-foundationA key foundation to Optimism is the understanding that we are all connected and that little things can make a big difference. Applying several of “The Optimism Principles” has lead us to create “The Optimism Foundation”, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to maximising outcomes for people less able to access opportunities.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can get involved, for example:

  • Contribute – Want to donate your money, time or resources to boosting the Optimism levels of others? We are looking for funds, sponsors, helpers & supporters and would love to hear from you.
  • Nominate – Do you know someone who could benefit from a boost? They may need support with a new business opportunity, or financial assistance to pay for training to equip them for a new opportunity, or a connection to a like-minded person to support them through a challenge.
  • Participate – The Foundation has a fund-raising activity called “Knots for Profit” which ties, teaches and sells “lucky knots” and “Optimism Charms”.
    • Knot Me Up – If you would like to own some, for yourself or your friends/family/clients/colleagues, you’ll soon be able to buy them here, or order a customised version for your business.
    • Tie Me Down – If you would like to attend a “knot-tying” class, in Melbourne, let us know


We’d love to hear from you, about your interest in The Optimism Foundation – just email

Optimism Charms