Happiness is not the only answer!

Intl Day of Happiness

The UN has declared that March 20th is the International Day of Happiness. It's also the March Optimists Unite! breakfast in Melbourne and the launch of the 2nd Edition of "SMILE your Way to Success" - my first book! Come along and bring your most optimistic friends and colleagues - all attendees will get a copy of the book as my gift. This is a

Vednesday Vlog – Reporting from Edithvale

Optimists Do Stuff!  A quick visit to Edithvale today, to catch-up with Keith Keller - Twitter Dude (visit him here), lead to the discovery of the fabulous Seabreeze Cafe only 15 minutes from my home-base and a reinforcement of the power of the Optimism Principle of "Do Stuff". Get out & about and explore your local area - you never know

Vednesday Vlog – February 16

After a wonderful breakfast with Network Central founder, Kim McGuiness and special guest presenter Geraldine Doogue, I was inspired to create my first #VednesdayVlog. This was the final breakfast for Network Central with Kim McGuiness at the helm. She has decided to focus on her passion for connecting Mentors with high-potential women (and some

Go Back to Work with a Smile!


In my home town of Melbourne, last week  was “back to work” for many people in the corporate world (most small businesses either worked through or were back earlier!). This signals the return of what I call the grey-faced army – people heading off to work on a daily basis, looking like their world has just ended. While their annual Christmas

End your Financial Year with Optimism!


I’m seeing lots of “EOFY” sale signs around town at the moment, as people get fired-up by the approaching June 30 deadline of the “End of the Financial Year” in my part of the world. It struck me this morning that we could apply the same approach to all of our opportunities and take maximum advantage of the next couple of weeks to make the end of

Great Acts & Small Deeds

Do-Stuff-Juicer-Crop1-300x245 (1)

“Great acts are made up of small deeds.” Lao Tzu. In the Optimists’ Manifesto, element #5 is that Optimists Do Stuff. This quote is a classic example of the need to recognise that even little steps count. It is not only big gestures or actions that matter. Choose some action that will take you even the smallest bit closer to your goal…then do it.

Look for the Sun!


"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out." John Wooden - UCLA Champion Basketball Coach. This is a lovely example of Optimism Manifesto element #4 (and several others!) which is that Optimists 'Look for the Sun'. On a beautiful, blue-sky day like we are having in Melbourne today, that's not difficult.

Weather or Not!


As a resident of Melbourne, the weather is always a major topic of conversation. I can hear my interstate friends now: “Not happy with the weather in Melbourne? Just wait 5 minutes!” We’ve also just come out of Cup Week, where the impact of the weather rises to a climactic high…the track; the dresses; the footwear! It struck me the other day, as

Creation boosts Optimism!


‎”Twenty years from now, you will be far more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the things you did.” Mark Twain. You might not get it right, first time, but you can’t correct what you don’t create. Optimism is often boosted more by creation than contemplation. That doesn’t mean that we should THINK about things, deeply and often.

Words have Power!

I’m fascinated by the difference between using the word ‘positivity’ and ‘optimism’. Both seem to be at the same end of the spectrum – the opposite of negative. One, however, has an action imperative. To be optimistic means to look for the good; to seek out the optimal solution. It implies that we will DO something to improve a situation.