About the Zone

The Optimism Zone is the place to come when you need a lift! Our totem is the sunflower, known for it’s ability to turn so that it always faces the sun. Optimists have the same tendency – to look for the opportunity in every situation; to seek the best possible outcome in all circumstances; to make the most of every interaction.

Imagine a world where everybody believes in their ability to maximise their potential; where people see opportunities in every circumstance; where every interaction improves connections. It’s a world where people arrive at work happy to be there and ready to do their best.

I’ve been thinking about this idea for several decades…and now I’ve decided to start a community of like-minded people – The Optimism Zone.

The Optimism Zone is where you go when you need a boost, a lift…or when you’re just buzzing and want to share that feeling around! On the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TheOptimismZone), I’ll be sharing my favourite quotes, thoughts, activities, books, movies, video clips, music – anything that I can find that I think might boost all of our Optimism levels. I encourage you to do the same…and invite your friends to join in – the more Optimists, the better!

On this site, you can declare yourself as an Optimist and get regular input by subscribing to our eZine.  There are also loads of free boosters and an individual Personal Optimism Booster program as well as ideas for Teams and Organisations looking to create an Optimistic workplace.

If you’d like to find out more about me, visit this page or my website.

Your active participation, and any ideas for improving the Optimism Zone, are welcome.  In the meantime, stay Optimistic – it’ll get you better results!

Yours optimistically,

Helen Mac BA(Psych), CSP