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IMG_0390-200x300When a topic hits the cover of TIME magazine, you know it’s definitely in the mindspace of the population.  I’ve been passionately pursuing this area of expertise for several decades, starting with “The Happiness Habit” and moving my way through a number of iterations to this current one – the “Optimism Zone”. I’m so excited at the validation of the power of optimism as a source of fantastic boosts in results in life and business!

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The author, Tali Sharot, covers a number of key studies and requirements for developing and maintaining optimism.  She says that we have a natural mechanism that allows us to generate unrealistic optimism, often in the face of evidence to the contrary. Without it, we would all be constantly mildly depressed.

My position is that we need mechanisms to protect and boost this natural mechanism, so that it doesn’t get quashed by modern stressors and challenges.

In conclusion, Tali says (and I quote): “The good news is that awareness rarely shatters the illusion. The glass remains half full. It is possible, then, to strike a balance, to believe we will stay healthy, but get medical insurance anyway; to be certain that the sun will shine, but grab an umbrella on our way out – just in case.”

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